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  Pattaya offer more than 400 hotels  from 150 Bahts (about 5 USD) to over 100'000 Bahts (over 3000 USD a night)   Pattaya is one of the cheapest city on the world, you can found a 250 SqM with 2 rooms and a outdoor jacuzzi for  only 15'000 Bahts, about 300 euros or 500 USD ! If you add the guest house and the condo you will found more than 500 places.
                          Siam garden village                                                             Sunset Park
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                       HOTEL     RATING 

Of course every hotel rating system is subjective and here is valid only for Pattaya even the city offer hotels of international level.
The main criteria for hotel are ;
- Architecture       10 points                       Hotels over 90 points     eeeee
- Location             10 points                       Hotels over 80 points             eeee
- Room                  10 points                       Hotels over 65 points                     eee
- Bathroom            10 points                       Hotels over 50 points                             ee
- restaurants          20 points                      Hotels under 50                                         e
- Facilities              20 points                      A small star would say that the hotel is between
- Service                 20 points                       2 categories.                                                      e    

TOTAL                   100 points

  d s 

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